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Nigerians Should Expect A Better Bamise In 2011, Says Adegboyega

2007 Deutch University indoor championship gold medalist in Germany and the 2005 IAAF Grand Prix Silver medalist in Congo Brazzaville, Bamise Emmanuel Adegboyega, in this interview spoke on issues relating to himself and Nigeria athletics. Read on…. 

Can we meet you?
My names are Bamise Emmanuel Adegboyega, a Nigerian Cyprus base athlete. I was in Germany before moving to Cyprus and I am on scholarship, studying recreation management in Eastern Medeterean University.
But before becoming a professional athlete, I went through a lot but I will start with my up bringing as I was born on July 1st 1985 into a Christian home in Lagos, I was made to understand that every man has a purpose to fulfill in life as God promises. My late father who was the former General evangelist of The Apostolic Church assisted me to become what I am today, before I became an athlete, I was a footballer playing with Pepsi Academy in Akure and when the then athletics head coach of Ondo State, Lawrence Adegbehingbe saw my speed on the field of play during a match, he told me to come start running because my speed was too much for football, but it was so hard for me to leave football but I left for running which I never regretted at all.

How was it like leaving football for the track and when did you start running?
After I left football for athletics, I started running competitions even when I did not train so well and I always win medals for Ondo state before I went back to Lagos in year 2001 to train with a trainer called Coach Isaac and he introduced me to Akwa Ibom State which I started representing nationally and I also won medals for them in the three years (2002-2005) I spent with them.
I became a professional In year 2005 when I represented the country in Congo Brazzaville during the IAAF grand prix were I came 3rd, and also in Cameroon where I took 2nd but the biggest was the world University Games in Izmir, Turkey 2005 where I and so many of the current national athletes represented Nigeria and it wasn’t a bad outing, though we didn’t win any medal in athletics but we were finalist in 4x100m and we came 6th, it was during this period I started training with former National Head coach, Emilia Edem and I really appreciated her for taking me to the next level but I later joined Tony Osheku group in year 2005 when I came back from the World University Games.
I was injured in 2006 but came back in 2007 and traveled to Germany for the indoor season where I won Deutch University indoor championship representing Nigeria

How do u keep in form?
I keep my form by simple discipline which is hard work and no wrong programme

Now u are in Cyprus, if you have the chance, will you run for them?
I am in Cyprus to continue my studies and am not thinking about running for another country not before or now. As you can see, our athletics is getting up again through the new president, so I will still love to continue running for Nigeria

What is your opinion on athletes taking performance enhancing drugs?
This is a big question but I will respond with a small answer by saying every athlete should take a supplement to replenish what they have lost during training so that there would be room for improvements but taking performance enhancing drug is not the way forward.

How will you rate Nigeria athletics and athletes in 2010?
Nigeria athletics is better than last year while the athletes are doing well and I know we are going to get better.
So far so good, athletics and the athletes did well this year and like the president said, next year will be better.

You where missing at the Africa Championships in Kenya and Commonwealth Games in India, what happened?
Well I did not plan to come to Nigeria at all for the trials because of my studies, that was why I did go.

The athletics season for this year has ended; will you say you achieved what you planned for?
I really thank God for everything that happened to me this year generally, I was able to win all Cyprus University Games and even became 2nd best in the Turkish Universities with a time tied but everything is going to be different in 2011 because I am training like never before.

What can you say about the administration of sports in Nigeria, do you think other sports are getting the desired attention for growth?
You and I know that there’s no sports administration in Nigeria, we only have football administration.

What do you think should be done to take athletics to desired height in Nigeria and the world stage?
A lot has to be done to bring back the lost glory because a lot was done to loosing it, we have to ask ourselves a big question like, why can’t we produce athlete like Deji Aliu and co again? If we have to get to the highest level in athletics then we need a good administration that the interest of the athlete will be the first on their agenda

Who is your role model in Nigeria athletics?
My role model in Nigeria athletics is Deji Aliu

If not athletics, what would you have been into?
I would have been a musician because I sing and play piano

What should Nigerians expect from you in the coming season?
They should be expecting my best and flying the Green White Green high will be my major priority next season.

The Cyprus Athletics federation indoor race comes up in January, how prepared are you?
I am getting ready for it better than how I approached it the last time, though I won it then but I want to make a different mark this time like sending a signal to all my fans that I am back again

With so many championships coming up in 2011, what are your plans breaking into Team Nigeria?
My plans for now is to get my training going because I am training like never before, Francis Obikwelu told me this year after the season ended that if I want to run what I have never ran before, then I should do what I have never done before in training.

Talking about preparations for athletes and coaches, do you think Nigeria is doing enough to prepare them?
I can’t say Yes or No, but in every preparation, it’s only the result that would tell if the person actually prepared well, so I would say we should let the 2011season tell the story.

Advice for upcoming athletes
I will advice them to be discipline, hard working and be educative but above all they should trust in God.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

AFN Rolls Out Code of Conducts for Athletes, Officials

The Athletic Federation of Nigeria (AFN) has rolled out a code of conduct and ethics which it says 'all categories of membership within the AFN, as well as all individuals engaged in activities with the federation must comply with.
The code of conduct and ethics, according to Navy Captain Omatseye Nesiama, chairman of the security and discipline committee of the federation who signed the document sent out to several athletics watchers and officials is to ensure a safe and positive environment prevails within AFN activities.
"We want to ensure that individuals are aware that there is an expectation of appropriate behavior, consistent with the values of the AFN, at all times," observed Captain Nesiama.
The AFN says it is committed to providing an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect. The federation warned that Conduct that violates its Code of Conduct and Ethics may be subject to sanctions pursuant to AFN's policies related to discipline and complaints.
Top on the list of unethical behavior the federation will not condone is the use of performance enhancing drugs, sexual harassment and assault as well as falsification of age in all AFN competitions.
The Federation warns athletes to totally abstain from the non-medical use of drugs or the use of performance-enhancing drugs or methods while coaches are also warned not to provide, promote or condone its use. Athletes are also warned to properly represent themselves and not attempt to enter a competition for which they are not eligible, by reason of age, classification or other reasons.
For technical officials, the AFN says they are expected to make independent and objective judgments and above all apply the technical officiating principles in all their dealings.
The federation insists individuals or groups caught condoning any act of indiscipline; or whose athletes are caught cheating by reason of age, classification or other reasons; or involved in the use of performance enhancing drugs and other banned substances shall face the AFN's disciplinary committee and will be properly sanctioned.

Nigerian Athletics Will Improve In 2011-Ogba

Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) President, Chief Solomon Ogba in this interview says Nigerian Athletes will surpass the 2010 achievements next year as he evaluate the activities of the body since attaining leadership of the AFN.

Athletics in 2010
Athletics In 2010 is not too bad compared to what we had previously over the last three years, 2010 is not too bad at all.
It’s a gradual process and we started the train and ensured the project move on very well and that was what we expected and we really got what we planned for.
The high point of 2010 for Nigeria athletics were few flashes, some personal best in the field and also getting back to our area of strength like in the jump.
Getting back there very strongly and even in the sprint, we saw a Nigerian running 11.0 seconds, we have not seen that in 8years now, even a 10 seconds.
We also saw a long jump of over 8meters, we have not seen that for a long time also and even in the 100m, we saw some good timing early in the season.

Purported IAAF Ban
When I saw the news I was disappointed, if you go into the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) website today you will get all the information you want, yet the media published the story that Nigeria has been banned by the IAAF.
They did not take time to check or call yet they reported the story, which is not true.
Like every federation, the IAAF owes us, Confederation of African Athletics (CAA) owes us and we owed some athletes which we have paid.
Everybody owes, the federal government owns us so much money, base on their own approval, you approve for competition, six months the money is not here, one year the money is not here and we must go for the competitions.
We had one or two issue with somebody asking for appearance fee for a championship which don’t have appearance fee so we ask IAAF to go and resolve that.
One thing some of our athletes are doing that is bad is not telling the AFN where they based, this is bad because when the IAAF comes looking for them it is the AFN they come to for such information.

Osayemi Drug Scandal
We lost a medal at the Commonwealth Games in India, yes but the performance and time was not the best, unfortunately something happened that we can’t totally put on her.
We all know very well that stimulant cannot enhance your performance so if you knowingly take it, it can never enhance your performance.
Also, the kind of stimulant saw in her kind be metabolically generated, your body can even do that, so we lost it. We were hoping on Blessing Okagbare but she could not make it to India.
I need to make a distinction between stimulant and steroids, what was found in her was not steroids or performance enhancing and like I said, the kind of stimulant found in her can be metabolically generated by the body system.
So there is not anybody can do about that, it was the same substance that was saw in World and Olympic champion, Ann Fraser, though she is under ban now and it was the same substance that was found in her.
Don’t forget that she also has the same history of tooth ache. That means some of the drugs for tooth ache have this substance.
That was a very sore note but it was unfortunate that it happens that way and if listened to the Chief Executive of the Commonwealth Games, he never blamed her, he almost exonerated her and it took 5 days before the medal was withdrawn from Nigeria.

Attending Championships In 2009-2010
We cant attend championships when the funds are not coming, we were able to attend championships in 2009/2010 due to some scarifies from friends and some members of the board, we hope that next year we will get the funding we need to attend all the championships coming up.
As it is right now, it was very difficult last season.
This year we had the qualifier for the Youth Olympic, we did well and we had the Africa Junior Athletics Championship in Morocco and we had a brilliant outing.
Fortunately, we were able to attend the World Junior Athletics Championship in Moncton Canada and we did very well also.
We also had the privilege of attending the Africa Senior Championships in Kenya where we defeated our arch rival South Africa to take the overall second position, though Kenya took first but I don’t consider them because they were the host.
Ethiopia that was supposed to challenge them in the long distance races fumbled.
Finally, we attended the 2010 Commonwealth Games in India and we went with a small contingent of 15 athletes and of course we did well excluding what happened.
We had 2 gold and 3 silver medals, check the history and you will see what I am saying.

The truth is that sports as a whole has not been given the support it should have and once anything goes wrong, everybody starts crying.
This is because of sponsorship and provision, we are living in a third world country and we don’t have a developed private sector that can run sports the way it is done in the Western world. What we are saying is that government must still provide for sports while sponsorship comes as supplementary.
Now government provision for sports is grossly inadequate because the National Sports Commission have not been given enough money and if they don’t have they cant give anything.
If you look at the budget, sports is not in the front burner, it is like they are doing you a favor but when anything goes wrong everybody starts crying, everybody will speak, even Mr. president.
Now they are doing the budget, go and check how much has been provided for sports, you will be surprised.
Do you know until I came in, no sports federation had a vote? I lead the push for it and now, we have more votes, and this coming year let’s see what we can do.

Coaches Training
Well AFN as a Federation don’t have any employed coaches; we make do with what the states are bringing.  Now we are trying to do something that will engage 6 ex-international athletes that we are going to send to the different zones like Falilat Ogunkoya, Mary Onyali, Gebral Okon, Olusule and Tom Nwakwe.
We are trying to engage this team as consultants, we have discussed it with the National Sports Commission, this was Joe Garba did in the early 70s and we are starting it in 2011.
If you remember when I came in 2009, I said we are going to rebuild the process and now you can see a much improved athletics in Nigeria.
We have used about 20 coaches that came in to assist and we now know those that can take athletes from one level to the next level.
We have some good coaches who understand, but the problem is application. Everybody knows you need to run three trials but how do you as a coach applies it and when? This is scientific.

2011 Programs 
We started our season with a Junior programme, we did that this year and what we are doing now is the buildup.
Next year we are starting the junior programme in February and it is named after Dr. D.K Olukoya, he is going to be taking over the sponsorship of the junior programme,
That is where we should start from and once we have done that, we will do the non conversional sports like the 50m 150m, 300m, 600m, 1mile and others.
This is what is obtainable all over the world but unfortunately in this country; we don’t have winter time so we don’t have indoor.
 All over the world during the winter time, they run indoors which is the shorter distances to prepare you for the out door, so since we don’t have the indoor,  we can run the same races but in a different environment. So we are starting with our junior program which starts in February.
While others will be doing their out door in March, we will do ours in April, because we have a long season, don’t forget that we have the World championships and the All African Games.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Top Nigerian Athletes For 2011Future Awards

Top Nigeria athletes who made their marks in 2010 have been nominated for this year’s edition of the Future Awards billed for Sunday December 19, 2010 in Lagos.
Leading the pack is new Africa queen of tracks, Blessing Okagbare 22, who is in contention with the likes of Don Jazzy (Entrepreneur) 29, Genevieve Nnaji (Actor) 31, Psquare (Artiste) 30 amongst others for the young person of the year award.
Also, 2010 Commonwealth Games triple jump gold medalist, Tosin Oke 30, will slug it out with other sports personalities in the sports person of the year category which have top stars like Peter Emelieze 22(Athletes) and Janet Dung 24 (Athlete) while others are Chinedu Obasi (Football) 24, Vincent Enyeama (Football) 28, Christiana Nwoye (Wrestling), Desire Oparanozie (Football) 19 and Mobolaji Akiode (Basketball) 28.
According to organizers, voting begins immediately with the voting numbers as 33120 for Nigeria, 99199 for Canada, 80079 for UK: and 97605 USA while adding that voting takes only 50% of the first stage of judging, so winners are not selected by voting popularity. There is a also a 4-stage judging process involving a Board of Judges and an Independent Audit Committee.

I Won’t Dump Qatar For Nigeria-Ogunode

Nigerian born and Qatar 200m and 400m gold medalist at the just concluded Asian Games, Femi Ogunode in this interview with SportsDay’s Oke Oluku reveals the rationale behind his decision of choosing Qatar ahead of Nigeria.

What attracted you to athletics and how did you become involved?
Well I will say that nothing attracted me to athletics, the sport is what I like and what I love to become since when I was young. I started having the zeal for athletics since I was young so there is really nothing that attracted me to the sport.
I got my talent from God; it is a gift from God almighty.

Being a Nigerian who runs for Qatar, what do you know about Nigerian athletics?
Nigeria has good athletes but the problem they are having is that there is nobody to encourage them.
All they need do is to give the athletes the best opportunity to prove themselves on track, motivate them financially and you will see the potentials in them.

How was your upbringing like?
Well my upbringing was very good; I had a good time growing up

Why did you choose Qatar Instead of Nigeria?
I decided to choose Qatar because it is always good seeing people encouraging you when you do something good and I am aspiring to be a great athlete and Qatar is where my heart is at the moment.

You won the 200m and 400m crown at the Asian Games in Guangzhou-China, how does it feel like winning for an adopted country?
I feel great because in Qatar, they know my value and they are really appreciating me for doing the country proud. You know it is always good to win and winning the 200 and 400m gold during the Asian Games really made me happy.

The Athletics federation of Nigeria recently signed a new deal with NIKE, amongst it, rewarding Nigerian athletes; do you think this deal will help Nigeria athletics?
The answer to this question is no, I said no because the money will not be going to the athletes directly. We all know how these things are done in Nigeria.

With this new deal with NIKE, if called to represent Nigeria, will you change your status as a Qatar athlete?
I will never change my status as a Qatari sprinter.

You are the best 200m and 400m in Asia, does this act as a huge motivation?
Sure it does, this will ginger me to greater height.

What is your favorite distance?
Sprint of course.

What has been your best highlight to date?
Winning the Asian Games 200m and 400m gold medal are my best highlight for the year.

What are your ambitions?
My ambition right now is to become a legend, World and Olympic champion.

Which is the best and which is the worst part of being an athlete?
The best is to be winning, and the worst is to loose, you know how it feels to lose a race or a mark.

Advice for upcoming athletes
My advice to them is to train hard and be focus. Believe in themselves and trust in God.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

FCT to Storm Sports Festival With Fresh Athletes

Against the background of recycling and 'buying' athletes to win events at all costs during national and international championships, FCT director of sports, Mohammed Alim Musa has said the FCT contingent to the next National Sports Festival in Port Harcourt will be pre-dominantly made up of fresh athletes discovered from the grassroots. This, according to him is to expose athletes discovered from the grassroots to more competitive atmosphere and prepare them for future challenges, both at the national and international levels.
He said athletes who will be flying the FCT’s flag at the 17th National Sports Festival are drawn from the FCT Inter-Collegiate Athletics Championship tagged 'Athletes of Hope’, Inter-area Council Sports Festival, Inter-area Council Handball Championship, the Minister Cup and so on. "The National Sports Festival is purely a developmental event to unearth new talents. And our tradition is to use the event to showcase the new athletes discovered from all our grassroot competitions. Between last year and this year, we have embarked on different grassroot events and we will be heading to the National Sports Festival with all the athletes we discovered from the programmes," Alim declared.
The director explained further that Team FCT's target at the bi-annual championship is not to finish in top spot but that the team is determined to make meaningful impact. "Our goal is not finish first, but I want to assure you that the FCT is determined to leave a lasting legacy in the history of National Spots Festival. We have a lot of young talented athletes from Athletes of Hope, the inter-collegiate athletics championship and Nigerians should watch out for them in Port Harcourt. They may not win gold medals for us, but rest assured they will definitely get us silver medals."

Thursday, November 25, 2010

naija athletics: AFN, Nike Sign New Kitting Deal

naija athletics: AFN, Nike Sign New Kitting Deal: "The Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN), on Wednesday in far-away, Washington, United States, signed a sponsorship deal with sports wear ..."

President of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria, Solomon Ogba after signing the kitting deal with sports wear manufacturing giant Nike on Wednesday in the USA

Imoke To Flag-off Obudu Race

Governor Liyel Imoke of Cross River will flag off the 6th edition of the Obudu international mountain race this Saturday at the Obudu Ranch resort in Obudu.
Governor Imoke, according to William Archibong, Chairman of the Local Organising Committee, for the race has accepted to once again flag off this year's race, which will witness the staging of the second African Nations Mountain Running Championships for both men and women.
'His Excellency, the executive Governor of Cross River state, Senator Liyel Imoke will flag off Saturday's race at the mountain resort in Obudu.He will be assisted by Bruno Gozzelino, the president of the world mountain running association who has confirmed he will be here for the race', revealed Archibong who has been at the helm of Obudu affairs since the inaugural edition of the race in 2005.
Top stars including the defending men and women champions, Ethiopia's Habtamu Fikadu Awash (men) and Mamitu Daskaas (women) as well as three former champions led by reigning world champion, Andrea Mayr of Austria have arrived for the race.
Meanwhile the total prize money for this year's race, according to Archibong has been increased by over $35,000 following the introduction of the women's version of the African Nations Mountain Running Championship.
The total prize money has gone up from $245,500 to $278,000. The prize money for the first to the 10th position for this year's race however remains the same with the winners in each gender category going home with $50,000 each while $20,000 and $9,000 respectively will go to the second and third placed finishers. The prizes for 4th -10th placed finishers in each category also remain at $4,500, $4,000, $3,000, $2,500, $2,000, $1,500 and $1,000 respectively.

Emedolu Denies Accusing Ogba

Former Nigeria’s top athlete, Uchenna Emedolu, has denied reports that he indicted the National Sports Commission and President of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN), Solomon Ogba, over the baton exchange mistake which brought misunderstanding between the country’s top sports hierarchy and the athletics team that attended the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
Emedolu was reacting to recent newspaper reports that he accused the AFN and Ogba over the matter said: “I was surprised to read in some Nigerian dailies that I indicted the AFN and Chief Ogba over the baton exchange problem”.
He added that: “For example, Ogba has been at the forefront to making sure that the ban imposed on me by the National Sports Commission is lifted, and so, why should I say such a thing against someone that wants the best for me? It’s really unfortunate that people can go to any length to malign someone’s character and personality”.
Speaking further, the former 400m champion maintained that: “I want to repeat here that I did not in anyway accuse anyone over what happened and I want those who are behind this untrue story to retract it”.
Emedolu, who won the IAAF World Cup in 2002 in the 100 metres, restated that the Beijing Olympics Games baton exchange incident was not anybody’s fault to warrant anyone being accused or criticized on the pages of newspapers. “The controversy which the baton exchange had raised was not intentional and therefore could not have been anyone’s fault”. “So, I want to disassociate myself from the on-going plan by some people to re-visit the issue again”.
Before now, NSC director-general, Patrick Ekeji, had announced Emedolu’s ban over the former speedster’s alleged dropping of baton at the 2008 Africa Athletics Championship in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia and at the Beijing 2008 Olympics earlier this year.
Ekeji had said the action was taken after investigations conducted by a panel set up to look into the matter concluded that the former Italy-based sprinter’s dropping of the baton was an act of indiscipline which also caused frustration to his teammates.

Nigerians Make Marks In Asian Games

Nigeria athletes are making their marks in the on-going Asian Games in the sprint running for Qatar with Samuel Francis winning the 100m silver and Femi Ogunode clinching gold in the 400m.
Francis while expressing delight about his feat said he felt satisfied after spending about three months a year in Qatar training and intensifying his preparations in US and Poland.
When asked about his feeling on representing Qatar, he said: “I’m still who I am. It feels very natural.”
He said he was well looked after by the sporting authorities in Qatar and does not spend much time in Nigeria.
“I just go to visit my parents,” he said. Ogunode said he spends about five or six months a year in Qatar.
Meanwhile, an athlete from Bahrain won the men’s 5000m at the Asian Games with runners from Qatar taking silver and bronze making it all Kenyans affair.
Ali Hasan Mahboob came home ahead of James Kwalia and Felix Kibore to take gold. Elsewhere, Ethiopian-born Shitaya Habtegebrel, running for Bahrain, was third in the women’s 10000m, wrapping herself in the flag to receive her medal.
One arresting statistic from the Asiad (as the Games are known) was that Kenyan-born runners won the men’s 800m, 1500m, 5000m, 10000m, 3000m steeplechase and marathon events.
Meanwhile, Gulf officials have been quick to dismiss complaints over athletes switching nationalities, saying that European countries and the United States have long been naturalizing other countries’ runners for their own good.

AFN, Nike Sign New Kitting Deal

The Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN), on Wednesday in far-away, Washington, United States, signed a sponsorship deal with sports wear manufacturing giant Nike.
The deal, which will see the firm kitting Nigeria, and lavish bonus for Nigerian athletes that excel in international athletics events was signed on behalf of the AFN by its President, Chief Solomon Ogba, while the Nike representatives penned the deal for his company.
An ecstatic Ogba, said from Washington, last night that he will give a break down of the deal when he returns to Nigeria, but assured that the deal is set to reposition Nigerian athletics and all stakeholders will be very happy about the new deal.
“We have been in this discussion for a long while and now, we can proudly announce that we have a new kitting contract with Nike, which is akin to international standard. It’s a new dawn for us and we hope we can sustain the relationship as we look to ensuring that our athletes excel so that they can reap from the new Nike deal”, he said.

Daegu 2011:

Nigerian Athletes Speak On Tough Standard

Top Nigerian athletes have reacted to the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) for changing the entry qualification for next year’s World Athletics Championship, slated for Daegu in Korea from August 27th to September 4 2011
To qualify for the championship, Nigerian athletes must run faster to meet the new standard which was set by the IAAF. The new entry for the A and B standards for men and women in the 100m race are 10.18 (A) and 10.25 (B) seconds respectively for men while last year’s standard was 10.21 and 10.28. For the women’s race, the entry standard was raised to 11.29 seconds (A) and 11.38 (B) from the previous 11.30 seconds (A) 11.40 (B) marks.
According to 2010 ECOWAS Games U-23 gold medalist, Agbaje Ovie Fredrick who said that though the standards are high, it is not too high to be a barrier for any of Nigeria’s athletes.
Fine the standards are high but not too high for me to beat with or without the said support from government. Nigeria athletes are determine, that is why we are progressing and I don’t see this new entry standards as barrier to any of us,”
Also reacting to the new laid down entry standards by the IAAF, another gold medalist at the ECOWAS U-23 Games in Abuja and Berlin 2010 World Athletics championships semi finalist, Ogho Oghene Egwero stressed that the standards are high but attainable.
“I think the standards are very high but they are attainable, I won the ECOWAS Games gold medal in Abuja this year with a time of 10.01 so I don’t think that will be a problem for me.”
Similarly, triple jumper Elsie Domike said: “Watch out for the best from our athletes, am very positive we will be there come 2011 because this kind of things motivates our athletes.”
It would be recalled that Nigeria won no medals at the last World Championship in Berlin, Germany while sprinter Gloria Kemasuode, shot putter Vivian Chukwuemeka, and 400m huddler, Amaka Ogoegbunam sent home for using metholone, a performance enhancing drug.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Six African Nations Do Battle In Obudu

Six African countries will be fielding teams for the second African Nations Mountain Running Championship which holds alongside the prestigious Obudu international race this Saturday at the Obudu Ranch Resort in Obudu, Cross River state.
Patrick Ugbe, Media head for the event said while fielding questions on the preparedness of the local organising committee for the race.
Ugbe, revealed that Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Cameroon and Egypt have sent in their entries for the race and their athletes have started arriving for the one day race via the Murtala Mohammed international airport in Lagos. 'Of course we have Nigeria as the sixth nation', added Ugbe who further revealed that the race will also witness the first edition of the African nations mountain running championships for women.
'Last year when the championships made its debut,it was restricted to only the men. This year His Excellency, Governor Liyel Imoke has approved the addition of the women's version. So come Saturday we will be having a 3-in-1 race at the Obudu Ranch Resort', he revealed.
The increase in number of events has led to a corresponding increase in the prize money to be paid out and this Ugbe says Governor Imoke has approved without blinking an eye. The total prize money has gone up from $245,500 to $278,000.The prize money for the first to the 10th position for this year's race however remains the same with the winners in each gender category going home with $50,000 each while $20,000 and $9,000 respectively will go to the second and third placed finishers. The prizes for 4th -10th placed finishers in each category also remain at $4,500, $4,000, $3,000, $2,500, $2,000, $1,500 and $1,000 respectively', further revealed Ugbe.
The prize monies for best Nigerian finishers (Male/Female) and Media Race (Male/Female) are also unchanged with the top three finishers going home with $2,000, $1,500 and $1,000 respectively.
Also unchanged are the prize monies for the Children’s race where a total of N590,000 will be shared among the top 10 finishers with the top three in the boys and girls categories carting home N100,000, N80,000 and N50,000 respectively. Fourth to 10th placed finishers will get N20,000,N10,000,N9,000,N8,000,N7,000,N6,000 and N5,000 respectively.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Enugu Owe Athletics Zonal Elimination Fees

Enugu Owe Athletics Zonal Elimination Fees

There is tension in Enugu over the inability of the state government to pay the sum of N100, 000 participatory fees to take part in the Athletics zonal elimination ahead of the National Sports Festival holding in Port Harcourt next year. The competition starts on Wednesday at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium, Enugu, has Ebonyi and Anambra states participating.
Speaking to Sportsday on Monday, Director (Technical) in the State Sports Council, Innocent Obiekwe, hints that the council was in a fix to raise the participatory fee to take part in the event.
"It’s really surprising that up till now, we have been unable to pay the money. I really don’t think people want sports to grow in this state. I was with the commissioner of Sports, Mathew Iduh this afternoon to know what is happening by virtue of my position in the council but I was shocked to hear that nothing has been done about it," he revealed.
Obiekwe further disclosed that that the State Director of Sports, Livinus Agwu had to go begging some individuals to bail out the council from the disgrace staring on its face.
"It will also be noteworthy that my Director of Sports has been meeting people to beg them to assist in paying the money. The issue is that the council has no money in its coffers for now, if not the money would have been paid long ago without the government knowing."
The technical director also complained of lack of funds to take care of some athletes invited from Kogi state to take part in the competition.
"The most pressing aspect of the whole issue is that there is even no money to take care of some athletes invited from our neighboring Kogi state to compete at the elimination". "I’m really sad about this and I pray that this situation doesn’t continue because it will no small way haunt the state’ preparations for the Sports Festival coming up next year". Already, athletes from Anambra and Ebonyi have arrived for the competition after their states paid the statutory fee.
In another development, Enugu state had refused to pay the sum of N1.2 million which would have given it the right to take part in the 1st Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe U-18 Athletics Championship which ended last weekend in Enugu. Apart from Abia state which doled out N1.4 on its part to ensure a successful hosting of the competition, other Eastern states like Anambra, Ebonyi and Imo also failed in their bid to give boost to the event.

Obudu LOC Ready To Host The World

Organisers of the annual Obudu international mountain race has re-affirmed their determination to host another successful event come this Saturday when the 6th edition of the championships holds at the Obudu Ranch Resort in Obudu, Cross River state.
LOC Chairman, William Archibong, said in Calabar on Monday that all the logistics for a hitch-free competition have been put in place and that the state Governor Liyel Imoke is pulling all the stops to make this year's edition the best ever.
'Every logistics has been taken care of by the LOC for the race. His Excellency,Governor Imoke is happy with the progress we have made both in the technical organisation of the race and the travel and accommodation of all participants. The experience we have garnered since the inaugural edition was held six years ago has come in handy', said a delighted Archibong who has been the head of the LOC since 2005.
'I am happy that we will be having a world class cast storm Obudu this Saturday to compete for the title and cash on offer. This is a confirmation that the organisation of the race has been world class', he said.
Archibong's sentiments was echoed by Patrick Ugbe, the chief press secretary to Cross River state Governor, Liyel Imoke who believes the interest shown and support given by the Governor has been the driving force behind the successes recorded over the years by the LOC.
'Without doubt the tremendous backing we have received from His Excellency has galvanised us into organising what the president of world mountain running association, Bruno Gozzelino has called a perfect race so far. We can only get better and want to assure Nigerians that we shall continue to project Nigeria in positive light to the rest of the world through a perfect organisation of the annual Obudu international mountain race. This is a perfect image laundering tool for Nigeria and His Excellency is delighted to be at the vanguard of getting the outside world to know there are far better good things coming out of Nigeria than the negative reports in the international media', he said.
This year's race will comprise the 6th edition of the individual race and the 2nd edition of the African Nations Mountain Running Championship.It will also witness the addition of the women's version of the African Nations Mountain Running Championship that is the first edition of the Championships.
A total of 207 athletes have been confirmed for the 3-in-1 race,out of which 131 are Nigerians,and 76 are foreigners, comprising of athletes from Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Colombia, Austria, Israel, Egypt, and Cameroun.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Obasanjo Failed To Raise My Efforts- Emedolu

Former Olympic bronze medalist, Uchenna Emedolu, has expressed dismay over the inability of Nigeria’s former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, to actualize his promise of naming a street after him following his victory at the 2004 Athletics World Cup in Spain. “When I won the World Cup top position in 2004, Obasanjo, who was our leader at that time promised to name a street after me in Abuja for bringing success to the country. But, I want to tell you that none of this and other promises made to me have been carried out up till today”.
The Commonwealth Games silver medalist also questioned the role of athletics officials toward the development of the sport in Nigeria. He said this while advising the country to discard the fire-brigade attitude they are used to and begin early preparations for all major competitions coming up next year. “Nigeria should start early preparations from now to be in a good position to do well in major competitions. This will help to erase any doubts in the athletes’ ability to excel because what happened at the last Commonwealth Games was as a result of adequate preparations if we must tell ourselves the truth.”
“As I speak to you now, nothing has been done in this regard ahead of 2011 All Africa Games. There is no short cut to success unless you prepare well and also ensure that the athletes are well motivated”.
“We have all been talking about the doping problem Nigeria found itself during the Commonwealth Games in India last month without taking a look at how the athletes faired before going to India. I think if there are programmes set out to get adequate preparations in place that issue won’t arise again.”
Emedolu lambasted the Sports Ministry for its lukewarm attitude in the release of funds for major competition. “I will hold the Sports Ministry responsible for the latest doom that has engulfed the country’s athletics because I see no reason why the ministry should have to wait for the last minute when competition is close before struggling to release fund. This is totally bad and should be criticized by Nigerians who want the good times to return to the sport.
However, the Anambra state-born athletics coach called on athletes in the country to strive to achieve their dream through hard work. “I want to call on all Nigerian athletes to help themselves to grow because by taking drugs, they will only end up being disgraced and thrown out of the sport. I still believe that Nigerian athletes can hold their own anywhere in the world if they can identify the difference between good performance and artificial performance.”

Coach Adu Lauds President Jonathan

…On Presidential Rewards To Athletes
Athletics Coach, Uruemu Adu has lauded the kind gesture of President Goodluck Jonathan on his decision to reward athletes and other sports men and women who did the country proud in the past one year at a grand ceremony slated for early December.
Coach Adu, who had in the past raised many senior and junior athletes for Team Nigeria, said it is high time monetary rewards be given to sports men and women while kicking against the former Presidential hand shake which he stressed does not motivate sports people.
“This is a welcome development from the President, we all know that when it comes to re-branding, these people are the real advocate of it, but in a situation whereby after sweating for your country all you get is a presidential hand shake is bad.
“I thank God that the era of hand shake has gone with the wind.”
According to the Delta born Coach, the time has come whereby there should be an harmonized package for every Nigerian sports man and women who comes home with medals, he said at the end of each year, cutting across all the various sports & athletes, categorized into West African, Africa & World Championship, there should be equal package to everybody, stating that a gold medalist in African Athletics Championship should get the same reward as the female A.W.C. and the Super Eagles while also it should be the same at the youth competitions saying this will be a welcome development for the growth of sports in the country.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

FG To Reward Team Nigeria In December

Athletes who won laurels while representing the country during championships this year have cause to smile as President Goodluck Jonathan has set in motion a committee to harmonize incentive for them come December, for Presidential rewards.
According to the Director-General of the National Sports Commission (NSC), Dr. Patrick Ekeji, the athletes will be rewarded in a colorful ceremony in Abuja in the first week of December, a date fixed by the committee headed by the Secretary to the Federal Government, Alhaji Yayale and Finance Minister as member,
“All the Nigerian athletes who won laurels for the nation will be rewarded in a colorful ceremony in Abuja in December and to make that happen, the President has set up a committee to harmonize incentive for the sports men and women.”
According to Ekeji, who happens to be Secretary of the Committee, all the athletes are expected to receive huge monetary gifts in appreciation of their efforts to put Nigeria at per with the best sports nations in the world.
“For putting Nigeria among the best nations of sports in the World, all the athletes will get huge monetary gifts,” he concluded.
Meanwhile, the new Africa female football champions, the Super Falcons, the country’s U-20 female team, the Falconets, the U-17 female team, Flamingoes as well as the male U-17 team, the Golden Eaglets will also benefit from the Presidential rewards in December.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

‘Ban On Athlete Won’t Stop Drug Use’

Former U-20 national Discus record holder, Abigail Daniel has revealed that the ban of athletes for life by the National Sports Commission will not stop the use of drugs by Nigerian athletes.
The Sports Ministry in trying to cub the use of drugs by athletes, recently came out with a statement banning for life any Nigerian athlete found to have taken performance enhancing drugs during competitions.
But Daniel while maintaining that drug taking by athletes is totally wrong stressed that banning for life will not do any good to the ministry.
“The ban will not do any good but harm to the Nigerian Sport Ministry, because without the athletes performing in the local and international events, there will be no Sport Ministry.
“Let us all face the fact; lack of proper orientation is the cause of all the troubles our athletes are facing today.
“Our athletes need to be educated on what to use and what not to use during competing season (vitamin supplement) and that way they don't make a mistakes that will cause them their career or Nigeria an international embarrassment.
She added that: “in the develop country today, their athletes are being monitored in other to avoid any kind of mistake that will bring embarrassment to the country,”
Similarly, foremost Nigerian Athletics writer, Benjamin Efe maintained that banning of athletes is not the responsibility of an individual, stressing that it is the prerogative of the sports governing body responsible and there are procedures to be followed before the ban becomes infective.
“Our sports administrators are illiterates. I say this because as a country you have no authority to ban any athlete who fails dope test; it is the job of the sports governing body and there are laid down procedures.”
On his own part, another athlete, Olatunji Olawale says, “The ban will not stop anything. It can just be likened to cutting off the head as a cure for headache. The main cause for athletes rampant indulgence in the use of banned drugs should be addressed, vise a vise lack of proper orientation starting with the coaches to the various federations who expect excellent performance from athletes without putting in place machineries that will facilitate such performances,” he said.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

naija athletics: AFN Disqualifies 594 Athletes From National Sports...

naija athletics: AFN Disqualifies 594 Athletes From National Sports...: "The Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) have announced a list of 594 athletes that has been disqualified from the 2010 National Sports F..."

WMRA President for Obudu Race

President of the World Mountain Running Association (WMRA), Bruno Gozzelino, has confirmed that he would be at the 6th Obudu International Mountain Race later this month to offer technical support to the race Local Organizing Committee (LOC).
Gozzelino said he has conveyed his desire to be at the Obudu Ranch Resort, to the LOC.
“The race is an important event in the calendar of the WMRA because it has helped to draw African athletes to the race in large numbers. Prior to the race, African athletes have not been competing in the WMRA Grand Prix series and the world championships,” he said.
Gozzelino also praised the LOC and the Athletic Federation of Nigeria (AFN) for always meeting up with their obligations towards athletes who participate in the competition.
“The WMRA is therefore very pleased not only with the world class organization of the Obudu mountain race but also the fact that the LOC for the race and the AFN have never owed any athlete any prize money since the inaugural edition of the race in 2005.This is a good advertisement for the people running the race and the supervising federation of their honesty and integrity. “We are pleased to announce that the race has become one of the important events in the calendar of the WMRA,” he said.
“The Governor has demonstrated that he is not only a sports lover but also one who believes in the development of the youth of his state. The race has been a good advertisement for the tourism potentials of the state,” he added.
The 6th Obudu Mountain Race will cover a distance of 11 kilometres uphill, to an altitude of 1,575 metres above sea level, taking you to one of the finest destinations in the world, the Obudu Mountain Resort.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

AFN Disqualifies 594 Athletes From National Sports Festival

The Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN)  have announced a list of 594 athletes that has been disqualified from the 2010 National Sports Festival taking place in Rivers State early next early year.
The athletes were barred from competing in this edition because they had taken part in more than one previous festivals, as well as represented the country in various past internationals and championships.
According to the AFN, the national sports festivals is now a purely developmental event to unearth new talents.
The 17th edition of the Festival was due to hold in November this year in Port Harcourt, Rivers State but was postponed to February 24th to March 6th 2011.
list of the barred athletes:

100m/200m Men
S/N Name Competition
1 Adetoyi Durotoye 2 International
2 Ahmed Ajiboye 2 International
3 Bamidele Taiwo 2 International
4 Chinedu Oriala 2 International
5 Deji Aliu 2 International
6 Deji Musa 2 International
7 Hycienth Anejo 2 International
8 Ibrahim Showunmi 2 International
9 Obinna Metu 2 International
10 Olusoji Fasuba 2 International
11 Onyeabor Ngwogwu 2 International
12 Paul Egonye 2 International
13 Peter Emelieze 2 International
14 Seun Ogunkoya 2 International
15 Taiwo Ajibade 2 International
16 Tamunosiki Atorudibo 2 International
17 Uche Issac 2 International
18 Uchenna Emedolu 2 International
19 Yemi Olatunji 2 International
20 Adeosun Yemi 3 Festivals
21 Agboola Akin 3 Festivals
22 Ahmed Akinlawon 3 Festivals
23 Ahmed Kasumu 3 Festivals
24 Ayuba Abdu 3 Festivals
25 Ben Julius 3 Festivals
26 Benard Akpan 3 Festivals
27 Bomebimore Youpele 3 Festivals
28 Chike Anene 3 Festivals
29 Chilaka Emmanuel 3 Festivals
30 Chimenem Iranwusi 3 Festivals
31 Christopher Nnamdi 3 Festivals
32 Christopher Nwanze 3 Festivals
33 Daniel Umoete 3 Festivals
34 Dauda Jones 3 Festivals
35 Donald Andrew 3 Festivals
36 Dori Ewaoche 3 Festivals
37 Edith Etang 3 Festivals
38 Efonome Nelson 3 Festivals

S/N Name Competition
39 Ekundayo Ore 3 Festivals
40 Erete Udomsinachi 3 Festivals
41 Etiop Ntia 3 Festivals
42 Felix Ogbonna 3 Festivals
43 Franklyn Banye 3 Festivals
44 Gabriel Tobi 3 Festivals
45 Garba Audu 3 Festivals
46 Gboyega Bamise 3 Festivals
47 Henry Azike 3 Festivals
48 Iboboye Fineface 3 Festivals
49 Ibrahim Aliyu 3 Festivals
50 Innocent .F. 3 Festivals
51 Innocent Oma 3 Festivals
52 Innocent Williams 3 Festivals
53 Isiaku Yusuf 3 Festivals
54 Kabiru Yusuf 3 Festivals
55 Lookman Akinjobi 3 Festivals
56 Michael Cyril 3 Festivals
57 Morgan Gabriel 3 Festivals
58 Morounfoye Oyekunle 3 Festivals
59 Musa A. Aliyu 3 Festivals
60 Obi Henry 3 Festivals
61 Obojeghre Tefe 3 Festivals
62 Odelusi Ayokunle 3 Festivals
63 Ogochukwu Ujomu 3 Festivals
64 Ojo Olufero 3 Festivals
65 Okoho Ojo 3 Festivals
66 Olamiti Adegbenro 3 Festivals
67 Olaniyi Jejelowo 3 Festivals
68 Oluwole Sunday 3 Festivals
69 Osmond Mgbeahunike 3 Festivals
70 Patrick Samuel 3 Festivals
71 Paul Nweke 3 Festivals
72 Peter O Unuegbu 3 Festivals
73 Samuel Francis 3 Festivals
74 Samuel Okon 3 Festivals
75 Sani Mohammed 3 Festivals
76 Segun Odudele 3 Festivals
77 Shaibu Ibrahim 3 Festivals
78 Sirajo Iliasu 3 Festivals

S/N Name Competition
79 Stanley Orha 3 Festivals
80 Stephen Emelieze 3 Festivals
81 Sunday Adejoh 3 Festivals
82 Sunday Ayuba 3 Festivals
83 Taiwo Balogun 3 Festivals
84 Thadeus Omodiale 3 Festivals
85 Tony Ugwu 3 Festivals
86 Tope Alawale 3 Festivals
87 Tope Oluwole 3 Festivals
88 Uao Felix 3 Festivals
89 Uzodinma Alozie 3 Festivals
90 Yusuf Zakari 3 Festivals
91 Benjamin Adukwu 2 International

100m/200m Women
S/N Name Competition
1 Agnes Osazuwa 2 Internationals
2 Amaka Ogoegbunam 2 Internationals
3 Benedict Ajuduah 2 Internationals
4 Blessing Okagbare 2 Internationals
5 Calister Onyejiaka 2 Internationals
6 Chinedu Odozor-Onikeku 2 Internationals
7 ChristyEkpukhor 2 Internationals
8 Damola Osayemi 2 Internationals
9 Emem Edem 2 Internationals
10 Endurance Ojokolo 2 Internationals
11 Franca Idoko 2 Internationals
12 Gladys Nwabani 2 Internationals
13 Gloria Kemasuode 2 Internationals
14 Grace Efago 2 Internationals
15 Grace Umelo 2 Internationals
16 Halimat Ismaila 2 Internationals
17 Helen Opanachi-Emedolu 2 Internationals
18 Herieta Ajaeigbu 2 Internationals
19 Mercy Nku 2 Internationals
20 Oluchi Nwogwugwu 2 Internationals
21 Omaka Josephine 2 Internationals
22 Shade Ogundemi 2 Internationals
23 Susan Akene 2 Internationals
24 Uduak Ekah 2 Internationals
25 Uzor Lawretta 2 Internationals
26 Abimbola Lawal 3 Festivals
27 Adaeze Igwe 3 Festivals
28 Adegoke Tawa 3 festivals
29 Ademuwagun Adewunmi 3 Festivals
30 Areguame Kate 3 Festivals
31 Beartrice Umofunapa 3 Festivals
32 Blessing Ibegbulem 3 Festivals
33 Blessing Ibrahim 3 Festivals
34 Bomebimore Youpele 3 Festivals
35 Bukola Omodara 3 Festivals
36 Doris Ewaoche 3 Festivals
37 Edith Etang 3 Festivals
38 Elizabeth Afariogun 3 Festivals

S/N Name Competition
39 Elizabeth Ahuwan 3 Festivals
40 Emuesiri Igbidi 3 Festivals
41 Esther Inegbeneki 3 Festivals
42 Ibiso Warmate 3 Festivals
43 Jane Dike 3 Festivals
44 Kesiene Egone 3 Festivals
45 Loveth Ekeuhie 3 Festivals
46 Nafisatu Shaibu 3 Festivals
47 Naomi Bello 3 Festivals
48 Nene Ajanwachukwu 3 Festivals
49 Nneamaka Obiakor 3 Festivals
50 Oladoja Alayande 3 Festivals
51 Olubo Toyosi 3 Festivals
52 Omoloye Omolara 3 Festivals
53 Rebecca Okitikpi 3 Festivals
54 Sandra Deham 3 Festivals
55 Seun Odeyemi 3 Festivals
56 Seyi Omojuwa 3 Festivals
57 Shola Ogundemi 3 Festivals
58 Sidi Bayo Oluwakemi 3 Festivals
59 Sule Justina 3 Festivals
60 Uduak George 3 Festivals
61 Wokeyin Akpama 3 Festivals

400m/800m/1,500m Men
S/N Name Competition
1 Abayomi Agunbiade 2 Internationals
2 Abiodun Salami 2 Internationals
3 Abubakar Amorley 2 Internationals
4 Akobindu Ikwakor 2 Internationals
5 Ayopo Ope-Oluwa 2 Internationals
6 Ayuba Machem 2 Internationals
7 Bulus Philomina 2 Internationals
8 Chinaka Idika 2 Internationals
9 David Olusile 2 Internationals
10 Dung Pam 2 Internationals
11 Edu Nkanem 2 Internationals
12 Enefiok Udo Obong 2 Internationals
13 Ezeme Onyemchi 2 Internationals
14 Fidelis Gadzama 2 Internationals
15 Fidelis Kejang 2 Internationals
16 Fidelis Victor 2 Internationals
17 Gbenga Abijo 2 Internationals
18 Gbenga Awoleye 2 Internationals
19 Giwa Okeineme 2 Internationals
20 Godday James 2 Internationals
21 Isaiah Victor 2 Internationals
22 Lawal Bola Gee 2 Internationals
23 Musa Audu 2 Internationals
24 Nduka Awaze 2 Internationals
25 Nkanem Edu 2 Internationals
26 Noah Akwu 2 Internationals
27 Ojogo Godwin 2 Internationals
28 Osita Okagwu 2 Internationals
29 Saul Weigopwa 2 Internationals
30 Smith Oritshe 2 Internationals
31 Tunde Ogbu 2 Internationals
32 Victor Isaiha 2 Internationals
33 Vitalis Daniel 2 Internationals
34 Yemi Ayeni 2 Internationals
35 Abdullahi Shitu 3 Festivals
36 Abiodun Ajayi 3 Festivals
37 Abubakr Amadu 3 Festivals
38 Adamu Ahmed 3 Festivals
39 Adedeji Adewunmi david 3 Festivals
40 Afeez Adigun 3 Festivals
41 Ahmadu Audu 3 Festivals
42 Ajasa Sunday 3 Festivals

400m/800m/1,500m Men Competition
S/N Name 3 festivals
43 Ajayi Samuel Tope 3 Festivals
44 Alabi Biodun 3 Festivals
45 Anigor Nicholas Chidi 3 Festivals
46 Anthony Nwankwo 3 Festivals
47 Atoyebi Mubaraka 3 Festivals
48 Ayo Ajijo 3 Festivals
49 Ayodeji Ajulo 3 Festivals
50 Bashiru Yinusa 3 Festivals
51 Benjamin Lucky 3 Festivals
52 Bitrus Musa 3 Festivals
53 Boye Oyewole 3 Festivals
54 Daniel Isa 3 Festivals
55 Dauda Mathew 3 Festivals
56 David Istifanus 3 Festivals
57 Dele Micheal Abubakar 3 Festivals
58 Durosanya Femi 3 Festivals
59 Edith Etang 3 Festivals
60 Edos Omoregie 3 Festivals
61 Edward jackson 3 Festivals
62 Egbogu Uzodinma Matthew 3 Festivals
63 Elvis Ukale 3 Festivals
64 Emaya Oghenevwarue 3 Festivals
65 Emeka Juwe 3 Festivals
66 Enoch .A. Dongoyaro 3 Festivals
67 Erete Udomsinachi 3 Festivals
68 Erete Udomsinachi 3 Festivals
69 Eze Chuks Ezekiel 3 Festivals
70 Faruk Kaikah 3 Festivals
71 Fidelis Samuel 3 Festivals
72 Friday Duniya 3 Festivals
73 Friday Ogin 3 Festivals
74 Friday Reuben 3 Festivals
75 Ibrahim Ahmed 3 Festivals
76 Ibrahim Saidy 3 Festivals
77 Ilesanmi Stephen 3 Festivals
78 Ishaku Idris 3 Festivals
79 Ismail Saka 3 Festivals
80 Iyoha Lucky 3 Festivals
81 John Ibrahim 3 Festivals
82 John Mamah 3 Festivals
83 Joseph Arabo 3 Festivals
84 Justin Agu

400m/800m/1,500m Men Competition
S/N Name 3 Festivals
85 Lucky Benjamin 3 Festivals
86 Mba Uduma 3 Festivals
87 Micheal Elisha 3 Festivals
88 Musa Dahiru 3 Festivals
89 Musa Isah 3 Festivals
90 Nasiru Muhammed 3 Festivals
91 Nsikak Ekpenyong 3 Festivals
92 Obus Prince 3 Festivals
93 Ogbonna Nwoke 3 Festivals
94 Ogbonna Solomon 3 Festivals
95 Ogochukwu Ujomu 3 Festivals
96 Olanrewaju Olalekan 3 Festivals
97 Osmond Mgbeahuruike 3 Festivals
98 Otto Cyprian 3 Festivals
99 Owoeye Dare 3 Festivals
100 Paschal Iyoke 3 Festivals
101 Patrick Ekpe 3 Festivals
102 Peter Unata 3 Festivals
103 Prince Obus 3 Festivals
104 Reuben Friday 3 Festivals
105 Sadiq Abubakar 3 Festivals
106 Salinonu Dele 3 Festivals
107 Segun Ogunkole 3 Festivals
108 Sharum I. Ajuji 3 Festivals
109 Sheneni Yunusa 3 Festivals
110 Simon West 3 Festivals
111 Stanley Ojo Obasi 3 Festivals
112 Stephen Ilesanmi 3 Festivals
113 Suleman M. Babatunde 3 Festivals
114 Sunday Oche 3 Festivals
115 Tim Nwachukwu 3 Festivals
116 Titus Aboho 3 Festivals
117 Tongji Silas 3 Festivals
118 Tope Ajayi 3 Festivals
119 Tunde Anthony Ogbun 3 Festivals
120 Tunde Mudasiru 3 Festivals
121 Ukale Elvis 3 Festivals
122 Yahaya Aminu 3 Festivals
123 Yusuf Zakari

400m/800m/1,500m Women Competition
S/N Name 3 Festivals
1 Abibatu Yakubu 2 Internationals
2 Abinuwa Endurance 2 Internationals
3 Abugan Folasade 3 Festivals
4 Adama Mohammed 3 Festivals
5 Alayande Doja 2 Internationals
6 Alice Nwosu-Ogbaku 3 Festivals
7 Anutiya Obed Wantu 3 Festivals
8 Ayoola Toyin 3 Festivals
9 Ayorinde Amudalat 3 Festivals
10 Benedita Eguabor 3 Festivals
11 Biliki Lawal 3 Festivals
12 Bimpe Peters 3 Festivals
13 Bridget Gyang 3 Festivals
14 Bridget Idahosa 2 International
15 Bukola Abogunloko 3 Festivals
16 Bunmi Odejobi 2 Internationals
17 Cathrine Obilor 3 Festivals
18 Chidinma Nwafor 3 Festivals
19 Chinyere Muoghalu 2 Internationals
20 Christy Ekpukhon-Ihumaegbo 3 Festivals
21 Comfort Ekanem 2 Internationals
22 Cynthia Ngozi 2 Internationals
23 Domike Nkiruka 3 Festivals
24 Doris Ewaoche 2 Internationals
25 Edith Onorah 3 Festivals
26 Elizabeth Ahuwan 3 Festivals
27 Enore Izedomwen 2 Internationals
28 Esther Aghatise 2 International
29 Etim Margaret 2 Internationals
30 Eze Joy Amechi 3 Festivals
31 Fabio Ajayi Sherifat 3 Festivals
32 Fadare Funke 3 Festivals
33 Genevive Njoku 2 Internationals
34 Gladys Stephen 2 Internationals
35 Gloria Nwosu 2 Internationals
36 Grace Ebor 3 Festivals
37 Halima Ismail 3 Festivals
38 Hanatu Mustapha 3 Festivals
39 Idahosa Florence 3 Festivals
40 Ihekandu Philomena 3 Festivals
41 Izedonmwen Enore 3 Festivals
42 Jane Dike

400m/800m/1,500m Women Competition
S/N Name 2 Internationals
43 Joke Odumosu 2 Internationals
44 Josephine Ehigie 3 Festivals
45 Kike Tobi 2 Internationals
46 Kudirat Akhigbe 3 Festivals
47 Lawal Abiimbola 2 Internationals
48 Leslie Njoku 3 Festivals
49 Lovet Ekuehie 2 Internationals
50 Mabel Madujemu 2 Internationals
51 Mariam Omajuwa 3 Festivals
52 Mbachu Patrica 3 Festivals
53 Monica Donatus 3 Festivals
54 Moradeyo Victoria 3 Festivals
55 Nnenene Ajawachukwu 2 Internationals
56 Nwokebichiri Precious Oluoma 3 Festivals
57 Obioma M 3 Festivals
58 Piritmua V. Kopdang 3 Festivals
59 Queen Ogbemudia 3 Festivals
60 Rosemary Okafor 3 Festivals
61 Saidat Oladele 3 Festivals
62 Sandra Iwunze 2 Internationals
63 Sekinat Adesaya-Akinpelu 3 Festivals
64 Silifat Williams 2 Internationals
65 Uwakwe Nkiruka 3 Festivals
66 Veronical Isaiah 3 Festivals
67 Vivian Leonard

5,000m/10,000m/ Marathon/Race Walk Men Competition
S/N Name 2 International
1 Umoru Mohammed 3 Festivals
2 Abba Mustapha 3 Festivals
3 Adamu Aliyu 3 Festivals
4 Ahweyevu Samson 3 Festivals
5 Aneke Paulinus 3 Festivals
6 Bitrus Dadat 3 Festivals
7 Dahiru Abdullahi 3 Festivals
8 Danjuma Kopkuddi 3 Festivals
9 Danladi Dakup 3 Festivals
10 Dele Elegbede 3 Festivals
11 Dominic Thaddeus 3 Festivals
12 Elisha Wabi 3 Festivals
13 Emmanuel Pam 3 Festivals
14 Faruk Kaikali 3 Festivals
15 Femi Alade 3 Festivals
16 Gideon Hagack 3 Festivals
17 Gontori Sunday 3 Festivals
18 Goodhope Okorocha 3 Festivals
19 Gyang Yakubu Luka 3 Festivals
20 Hassan Abubakar 3 Festivals
21 Ishaku Reuben 3 Festivals
22 John Tighe 3 Festivals
23 Kazeem Adeyemi 3 Festivals
24 Mathew Onuminya 3 Festivals
25 Micheal Haruna 3 Festivals
26 Nuhu Mohammed 3 Festivals
27 Okoro Mathew 3 Festivals
28 Sharum I. Ajuji 3 Festivals
29 Wilfred Sale 3 Festivals
30 Williams Kefas 3 Festivals
31 Wilson Eku 3 Festivals
32 Yakubu Gyang 3 Festivals
33 Yohana Waziri

5,000/10,000/ Marathon/Race Walk Women Competition
S/N Name 3 Festivals
1 Bitrus Damat 3 Festivals
2 Cecilia Cyril 3 Festivals
3 Christiana Augustine 3 Festivals
4 Gazali Sakirat 3 Festivals
5 Genevive Njoku 3 Festivals
6 Hulda Nwokocha 3 Festivals
7 Kafayat Babalola 3 Festivals
8 Kumfong Wilfred 3 Festivals
9 Ladi Musa 3 Festivals
10 Lovelyn Nwagbor 3 Festivals
11 Mary Joseph 3 Festivals
12 Matthew Nancy 3 Festivals
13 Mercy Emmanuel 3 Festivals
14 Mercy Mathew 3 Festivals
15 Naomi Mutgap 3 Festivals
16 Nenpinmwa Alex 3 Festivals
17 Ojobor O 3 Festivals
18 Olanrewaju Aminat 3 Festivals
19 Patience Okon 3 Festivals
20 Philomina Kumuchi 3 Festivals
21 Queensley Asendo 3 Festivals
22 Ruth Ofuzim 3 Festivals
23 Shola Ogudele 3 Festivals
24 Tawa Adedigba 3 Festivals
25 Victoria Moradeyo

3,000m Steeplechase Men Competition
S/N Men 3 Fesivals
1 Habila Randong 3 Fesivals
2 Mitu Melshak 3 Fesivals
3 Oke Endurance 3 Fesivals
4 Wilson Eku 3 Fesivals
5 Yaor Maraba 3 Fesivals
6 Zacharia Fwangfur

Hurdles Men Competition
S/N Name 3 Festivals
1 Abiodun Adeyemi 3 Festivals
2 Afesimama Diema 3 Festivals
3 Afolabi Olawale Azeez 3 Festivals
4 Benjamin Ugboma 3 festivals
5 Chike Anene 3 Festivals
6 Chima Osuagwu 3 Festivals
7 Chinedu Chime 2 International
8 Chinedu Elekwa 2 International
9 Egene Ifediora 3 Festivals
10 Elvis Akpoghene 3 Festivals
11 First Believer Johnson 2 International
12 Kenneth Enyiazu 3 Festivals
13 Moruf Lawal 2 International
14 Nurudeen Selim Adewunmi 2 International
15 Okon Samuel 2 International
16 Osita Okagwu 3 Festivals
17 Otto Peter 2 International
18 Samuel Okon 3 Festivals
19 Solomon Achi 3 Festivals
20 Solomon Aliyu 3 Festivals
21 Tajudeen Ajibade 3 Festivals
22 Thomas B. David 2 International
23 Uche Oparaugo 3 Festivals
24 Ufoma Okotie 3 Festivals
25 Usoro Edidiong 3 Festivals
26 Victor Okorie 2 International
27 William Mene

Hurdles Women Competition
S/N Name 2 Internationals
1 Ajoke Odumosu 2 Internationals
2 Damaris Agbugba 2 Internationals
3 Funmi Ogundana 2 Internationals
4 Jessica Ohanaja 2 Internationals
5 Joy Digah 2 Internationals
6 Mosu Adesina 2 Internationals
7 Mosu Fadairo 2 Internationals
8 Ogoegbunam Amaka 2 Internationals
9 Seun Adigun 2 Internationals
10 Toluwani Faluade 2 Internationals
11 Toyin Augustus 2 Internationals
12 William Vesse 3 Festivals
13 Abimbola Lawal 3 Festivals
14 Akinduro Folajogun 3 Festivals
15 Awoba Gogo-Peters 3 festivals
16 Balogun Folake 3 Festivals
17 Believe Utovbiri 3 festivals
18 Edith Ekelechi 3 Festivals
19 Esther Ngwaba 3 Festivals
20 Eunice Eke 3 Festivals
21 Idongesit Daniel 3 Festivals
22 Ifeoma Mba 3 Festivals
23 Ify Ugboma 3 Festivals
24 Laraba Nasiru 3 Festivals
25 Louisa Promies Ilo 3 Festivals
26 Mary Onyemuwa 3 Festivals
27 Mercy Nkwa 3 Festivals
28 Rebecca Okitipi 3 Festivals
29 Stephen Gladys 3 Festivals
30 Toyin Afolabi

Long/ Triple/ High Jump Men Competition
S/N Name 2 International
1 Bayo Adio 2 International
2 Dominic Ukweme 2 International
3 Friday Imonode 2 International
4 Justice Ezubeaba 2 International
5 Monday Osagie 2 International
6 Obiora Arinze 2 International
7 Oke Tosin 2 International
8 Samson Idiata 2 International
9 Stanley Gbagbeke 2 International
10 Uduma I. Uduma 3 Festivals
11 Abayomi Ashipa 3 Festivals
12 Adedire Adedeji 3 Festivals
13 Afam Nwagbo 3 Festivals
14 Ayodeji Ajijo 3 Festivals
15 College Emmanuel 3 Festivals
16 Fiberisima Dikibo 3 Festivals
17 George Jones 3 Festivals
18 Honda Gabriel 3 Festivals
19 Olaolu Otesile 3 Festivals
20 Raphael Akpata 3 Festivals
21 Raymond Obindu 3 Festivals
22 Simon Ekpa 3 Festivals
23 Tunde Sulaman

Long/ Triple/ High Jump Women Competition
S/N Name 2 International
1 Amata E. Doreen 2 International
2 Blessing Okagbare 2 International
3 Brenda Faluade 2 International
4 Bunmi Titcombe 2 International
5 Chinazom Amadi 2 International
6 Chinedu Odozor-Onikeku 2 International
7 Chinoye Ohadugba-Ajijo 2 International
8 Doteen Amata 2 International
9 Esther Aghatise 2 International
10 Ibifuro Tobi-West 2 International
11 Nkiruka Domike 2 International
12 Nneka Ukuh 2 International
13 Otoyen Iworima 3 Festivals
14 Chiejrieme Obiajulu 3 Festivals
15 Chima Juliet 3 Festivals
16 Edith Wilcox 3 Festivals
17 Edore Egweh 3 Festivals
18 Erigha Mary-Ann 3 Festivals
19 Glory Nwosu 3 Festivals
20 Grace Efago 3 Festivals
21 Idhe Hope 3 Festivals
22 Nkechi Mboma 3 Festivals
23 Okafor Ann 3 Festivals
24 Vivian Nwoke

Pole Vault Men Competition
S/N Name 3 Festivals
1 Agidigbi John .A. 3 Fesivals
2 Daniel Gonap 3 Fesivals
3 Francis Eze 3 Festivals
4 Gabriel Francis 3 Festivals
5 Gonap Daniel 3 Fesivals
6 Hassan Sambo 3 Festivals
7 Lekan Soetan 3 Festivals
8 Nwanesi Bethel 3 Festivals
9 Silas Itoro

Pole Vault Women Competition
S/N Name 3 Festivals
1 Victoria Itodo

Shot Put/ Discus/ Javeline/Hammar Men Competition
S/N Name 2 International
1 Chima Ugwu 2 International
2 Ezeogwu Ikechukwu 2 International
3 Godwin Imoisi 2 International
4 Ibrahim Baba 2 International
5 James Ayewoh 2 International
6 Kenechukwu Ezeoffor 2 International
7 Monday Ibrahim 2 International
8 Osazuwa Osamudiamen 2 International
9 Pius Bazinghe 2 International
10 Victor Simon 3 Festivals
11 Augustine Eneh 3 Festivals
12 Chet Iyke 3 Festivals
13 Chika Innocent 3 festivals
14 Chika Omfadi 3 Festivals
15 Christopher Ameh 3 Festivals
16 Dauda Omizi 3 Festivals
17 Dennis Sunday Osi 3 Festivals
18 Felix Opuana 3 Festivals
19 Francis Mbemere 3 Festivals
20 Friday Osayade 3 Festivals
21 Igbinosun Kingsley 3 Festivals
22 Imeriagbe Atohengbe 3 Festivals
23 Nwaji Friday 3 Festivals
24 Onoyanse J. Felix 3 Festivals
25 Patrick Oguche 3 Festivals
26 Sam Nnam 3 Festivals
27 Sunday Alonge 3 Festivals
28 Ubong Isaac

Shot Put/ Discus/ Javeline/Hammar Women Competition
S/N Name 2 International
1 Amuche Egbunine 2 International
2 Ann Otutu-Chet 2 International
3 Blessing Egwu 2 International
4 Christiana Okemefuna 2 International
5 Funke Adeoye 2 International
6 Ihuefo Sorochukwu 2 International
7 Kelechi Onwuchukwu 2 International
8 Mariam Ibekwe 2 International
9 Victoria Ekwuribe 2 International
10 Vivian Chukwuemeka 3 Festivals
11 Asigbokoba Briggs 3 Festivals
12 Benedicta Itua-Umoh 3 Festivals
13 Blessing Ezealor 3 Festivals
14 Ebele Chidume 3 Festivals
15 Josephine Chukwu 3 Festivals
16 Joy Mayaki 3 Festivals
17 Keke Immaculate 3 Festivals
18 Musa Hadiza 3 Festivals
19 Obele Horsefall 3 Festivals
20 Oluchi Udeh 3 Festivals
21 Rashidat Quadri 3 Festivals
22 Stella Okpokwu 3 Festivals
23 Tayo Adepoju

Decathlon Competition
S/N Name 2 International
1 Lee Okoroafor 3 Festivals
2 Charles Himmah 3 Festivals
3 Elesho Abayomi 3 Festivals
4 Gabriel Francis 3 Festivals
5 Ibekwe Iyke 3 Festivals
6 Lekan Soetan 3 Festivals
7 Monsuru Ganiyu 3 Festivals
8 Onokpobero Ivory 3 Festivals
9 Philip Saleh 3 Festivals
10 Saviour Udoh 3 Festivals
11 Stanley Uzopuo

Heptathlon Competition
S/N Name 2 International
1 Patience Okoro 3 Festivals
2 Benedicta Itua-Umoh 3 Festivals
3 Chima Juliet 3 Festivals
4 Doris Amata 3 Festivals
5 Enyinnaya Celestina 3 Festivals
6 Himmah Charles 3 Festivals
7 Hope Aruya 3 Festivals
8 Morili Azeez 3 Festivals
9 Nnenne Usonka 3 Festivals
10 Patience Uzokorie 3 Festivals
11 Sandra Denham 3 Festivals
12 Victoria Iwodi