Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WMRA President for Obudu Race

President of the World Mountain Running Association (WMRA), Bruno Gozzelino, has confirmed that he would be at the 6th Obudu International Mountain Race later this month to offer technical support to the race Local Organizing Committee (LOC).
Gozzelino said he has conveyed his desire to be at the Obudu Ranch Resort, to the LOC.
“The race is an important event in the calendar of the WMRA because it has helped to draw African athletes to the race in large numbers. Prior to the race, African athletes have not been competing in the WMRA Grand Prix series and the world championships,” he said.
Gozzelino also praised the LOC and the Athletic Federation of Nigeria (AFN) for always meeting up with their obligations towards athletes who participate in the competition.
“The WMRA is therefore very pleased not only with the world class organization of the Obudu mountain race but also the fact that the LOC for the race and the AFN have never owed any athlete any prize money since the inaugural edition of the race in 2005.This is a good advertisement for the people running the race and the supervising federation of their honesty and integrity. “We are pleased to announce that the race has become one of the important events in the calendar of the WMRA,” he said.
“The Governor has demonstrated that he is not only a sports lover but also one who believes in the development of the youth of his state. The race has been a good advertisement for the tourism potentials of the state,” he added.
The 6th Obudu Mountain Race will cover a distance of 11 kilometres uphill, to an altitude of 1,575 metres above sea level, taking you to one of the finest destinations in the world, the Obudu Mountain Resort.

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