Thursday, November 11, 2010

‘Ban On Athlete Won’t Stop Drug Use’

Former U-20 national Discus record holder, Abigail Daniel has revealed that the ban of athletes for life by the National Sports Commission will not stop the use of drugs by Nigerian athletes.
The Sports Ministry in trying to cub the use of drugs by athletes, recently came out with a statement banning for life any Nigerian athlete found to have taken performance enhancing drugs during competitions.
But Daniel while maintaining that drug taking by athletes is totally wrong stressed that banning for life will not do any good to the ministry.
“The ban will not do any good but harm to the Nigerian Sport Ministry, because without the athletes performing in the local and international events, there will be no Sport Ministry.
“Let us all face the fact; lack of proper orientation is the cause of all the troubles our athletes are facing today.
“Our athletes need to be educated on what to use and what not to use during competing season (vitamin supplement) and that way they don't make a mistakes that will cause them their career or Nigeria an international embarrassment.
She added that: “in the develop country today, their athletes are being monitored in other to avoid any kind of mistake that will bring embarrassment to the country,”
Similarly, foremost Nigerian Athletics writer, Benjamin Efe maintained that banning of athletes is not the responsibility of an individual, stressing that it is the prerogative of the sports governing body responsible and there are procedures to be followed before the ban becomes infective.
“Our sports administrators are illiterates. I say this because as a country you have no authority to ban any athlete who fails dope test; it is the job of the sports governing body and there are laid down procedures.”
On his own part, another athlete, Olatunji Olawale says, “The ban will not stop anything. It can just be likened to cutting off the head as a cure for headache. The main cause for athletes rampant indulgence in the use of banned drugs should be addressed, vise a vise lack of proper orientation starting with the coaches to the various federations who expect excellent performance from athletes without putting in place machineries that will facilitate such performances,” he said.

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