Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nigerians Should Expect A Better Bamise In 2011, Says Adegboyega

2007 Deutch University indoor championship gold medalist in Germany and the 2005 IAAF Grand Prix Silver medalist in Congo Brazzaville, Bamise Emmanuel Adegboyega, in this interview spoke on issues relating to himself and Nigeria athletics. Read on…. 

Can we meet you?
My names are Bamise Emmanuel Adegboyega, a Nigerian Cyprus base athlete. I was in Germany before moving to Cyprus and I am on scholarship, studying recreation management in Eastern Medeterean University.
But before becoming a professional athlete, I went through a lot but I will start with my up bringing as I was born on July 1st 1985 into a Christian home in Lagos, I was made to understand that every man has a purpose to fulfill in life as God promises. My late father who was the former General evangelist of The Apostolic Church assisted me to become what I am today, before I became an athlete, I was a footballer playing with Pepsi Academy in Akure and when the then athletics head coach of Ondo State, Lawrence Adegbehingbe saw my speed on the field of play during a match, he told me to come start running because my speed was too much for football, but it was so hard for me to leave football but I left for running which I never regretted at all.

How was it like leaving football for the track and when did you start running?
After I left football for athletics, I started running competitions even when I did not train so well and I always win medals for Ondo state before I went back to Lagos in year 2001 to train with a trainer called Coach Isaac and he introduced me to Akwa Ibom State which I started representing nationally and I also won medals for them in the three years (2002-2005) I spent with them.
I became a professional In year 2005 when I represented the country in Congo Brazzaville during the IAAF grand prix were I came 3rd, and also in Cameroon where I took 2nd but the biggest was the world University Games in Izmir, Turkey 2005 where I and so many of the current national athletes represented Nigeria and it wasn’t a bad outing, though we didn’t win any medal in athletics but we were finalist in 4x100m and we came 6th, it was during this period I started training with former National Head coach, Emilia Edem and I really appreciated her for taking me to the next level but I later joined Tony Osheku group in year 2005 when I came back from the World University Games.
I was injured in 2006 but came back in 2007 and traveled to Germany for the indoor season where I won Deutch University indoor championship representing Nigeria

How do u keep in form?
I keep my form by simple discipline which is hard work and no wrong programme

Now u are in Cyprus, if you have the chance, will you run for them?
I am in Cyprus to continue my studies and am not thinking about running for another country not before or now. As you can see, our athletics is getting up again through the new president, so I will still love to continue running for Nigeria

What is your opinion on athletes taking performance enhancing drugs?
This is a big question but I will respond with a small answer by saying every athlete should take a supplement to replenish what they have lost during training so that there would be room for improvements but taking performance enhancing drug is not the way forward.

How will you rate Nigeria athletics and athletes in 2010?
Nigeria athletics is better than last year while the athletes are doing well and I know we are going to get better.
So far so good, athletics and the athletes did well this year and like the president said, next year will be better.

You where missing at the Africa Championships in Kenya and Commonwealth Games in India, what happened?
Well I did not plan to come to Nigeria at all for the trials because of my studies, that was why I did go.

The athletics season for this year has ended; will you say you achieved what you planned for?
I really thank God for everything that happened to me this year generally, I was able to win all Cyprus University Games and even became 2nd best in the Turkish Universities with a time tied but everything is going to be different in 2011 because I am training like never before.

What can you say about the administration of sports in Nigeria, do you think other sports are getting the desired attention for growth?
You and I know that there’s no sports administration in Nigeria, we only have football administration.

What do you think should be done to take athletics to desired height in Nigeria and the world stage?
A lot has to be done to bring back the lost glory because a lot was done to loosing it, we have to ask ourselves a big question like, why can’t we produce athlete like Deji Aliu and co again? If we have to get to the highest level in athletics then we need a good administration that the interest of the athlete will be the first on their agenda

Who is your role model in Nigeria athletics?
My role model in Nigeria athletics is Deji Aliu

If not athletics, what would you have been into?
I would have been a musician because I sing and play piano

What should Nigerians expect from you in the coming season?
They should be expecting my best and flying the Green White Green high will be my major priority next season.

The Cyprus Athletics federation indoor race comes up in January, how prepared are you?
I am getting ready for it better than how I approached it the last time, though I won it then but I want to make a different mark this time like sending a signal to all my fans that I am back again

With so many championships coming up in 2011, what are your plans breaking into Team Nigeria?
My plans for now is to get my training going because I am training like never before, Francis Obikwelu told me this year after the season ended that if I want to run what I have never ran before, then I should do what I have never done before in training.

Talking about preparations for athletes and coaches, do you think Nigeria is doing enough to prepare them?
I can’t say Yes or No, but in every preparation, it’s only the result that would tell if the person actually prepared well, so I would say we should let the 2011season tell the story.

Advice for upcoming athletes
I will advice them to be discipline, hard working and be educative but above all they should trust in God.


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