Monday, March 4, 2013

Kwara State Discovers ‘Usain Bolt’-As Schools Athletics Championship Ends

In keeping with the presidential directive on grassroots sports development, Kwara state Athletics Association concluded its first edition of All Kwara State Secondary Schools Athletics Championship in the main bowl of Kwara State Stadium, Ilorin, during which Nigeria's version of Jamaica’s world record holder, Usain Bolt was spotted.

In the wake of Thursday's 28th February 2013 successful organization of the championship, Kwara Athletics Association chairman, Alhaji Tunde Abdulkareem has won accolades from president of the Athletic Federation of Nigeria, Evangelist Solomon Ogba.

Speaking about his observations of the competition, Ogba said the event came up at the right time, as Nigeria is preparing for the Africa Athletics Youth Championship in Warri later this month and kudos should be given to Kwara State for their innovation.

Ogba also enjoined the state to send its athletes to the Dr. Olukoya U-18 championship holding this Thursday and Friday at Yaba College of Technology in Lagos.

The big revelation of the championship turned out to be 16 year old Oye of Sapati International School, who was nicknamed ‘Usain Bolt,’ after winning the Boys 100m race with 11.06 seconds.

The silver was won by Rotimi Isaac of David Akintola College (11.38secs) and the bronze went to Mohammed Kafa (11.53secs), while Ini Oye also won the Best Male Athlete Award of the championship and the boys 200m with (22.5secs).

The silver and bronze medals went to Rotimi Isaac of David Akintola College (23.3secs) and Oyebanji Solomon of FGC Senior, Ilorin (23.5secs).

Other results of the championship include the Girls 100m where Ashamo Taiye from C&S College won the gold with her (12.5 secs) time. She also won the Best Girl Athlete Award.

The silver and bronze were won by Samuel Rachael of Ekiti LGA (13.1) and Opeyemi Katharat of FGC (13.1) respectively while, in the girls 200m event, Adewumi bosede of Ekiti LGA (27.1secs) won the gold, Bolufuwi Bridget of FGC Ilorin (27.7secs) got silver and Samuel Rachael of Ekiti Junior (27.7secs) won bronze.

In the 4x400m girls relay, Ekiti LGA Schools won gold with 4.34secs, GDSS Odo Okun (4.44.1secs) silver and IGS Idofian (4.44.9secs) won bronze.

Going to the men’s 4x400m, FGC Ilorin Snr. (3.45.5) and FGC junior (3. 48.4 took the gold and silver, while Model Secondary school Ilorin (3.49.7secs) went home with the bronze.

The 4x100m girls relay was won by Ekiti LGA schools (53.7), C&S College (54.55secs) and FGC snr. Ilorin (55.1secs) went home with the silver and bronze respectively, while the boys category of the 400x100m saw first, second and third as C&S (45.7), FGC Snr. (46.1) and Sapati International (46.7).

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