Sunday, March 20, 2011

All Comers, Sign Of Good Things To Come - Suleiman

Coach Tunde Suleiman has hailed the introduction of the All Comers Meet by the Athletics Federation of Nigeria stating that it is a good sign that the federation is thinking about improving the standard of performance of the athletes.
"The All Comers offers us coaches and athletes the opportunity to gauge just how far we have prepared for the season.
“The competition is good for us, now we can go back and work on the areas where we need to improve,” said Suleiman, a former national long jumper.
He said from what he saw in the All Comers, there is hope that the athletes will do well in the season. However, he noted that the male athletes are lagging behind in their events and they need to do more to improve.
“I saw some promise from female athletes like Margaret Etim, Bukola Abogunloko, and Blessing Ibrahim who jumps. If they can sustain their form, I see them doing well in the season ahead. Like the men, Toby Ogumola and Onakoya Abiola did well but they need to improve more on their speed,” said Suleiman.

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