Thursday, January 13, 2011

Adegboyega Qualifies for Turkish Indoor Championship …Runs 6.30 seconds in 60 m

2005 IAAF Grand Prix Silver medalist, Bamise Emmanuel Adegboyega early this week qualified for the 2011 Turkish Indoor championship coming up in February returning with 6.30 seconds in the 60m event.
The race which was suppose to have other athletes running along side Bamise to beat the qualifying time of 6.91, saw Adegboyega running all alone as other athletes were disqualified after beating the gun.
According to Bamise, though he qualified, the race was bad as he did not have the opportunity to challenge the other athletes which he says would have been better if he had ran with the others.
“The race was really bad for me because I was the only one that ran it as all of the other guys were disqualified because they beat the gun and were sent out.
“It would have been better to run with the others because then I would have felt the competitiveness of the race.
With this time, Bamise Emmanuel Adegboyega remains the 60m champion in Turkey.
The race was for the qualification for the Turkish Indoor championship coming up in February this year.
Meanwhile, there was a little confusion after the race when the electronic time board was discovered to be faulty and was showing a return time of 6.80 seconds while the hand time of officials was 6.30

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