Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sports Ministry, NOC stands by Osayomi, says Ekeji

 After having her gold medal withdrawn due to testing positive to Methylhexamine, a banned stimulant by the Commonwealth Games Federation in India, Damola Osayomi still has the backing of the Sports Ministry/National Sports Commission (NSC) and Nigerians.
Director General of the National Sports Commission, Patrick Ekeji said.
The Director, who came back to Nigeria on Wednesday afternoon told okenaijaathletics.blogsport that after he was fully briefed on the matter on Monday by the Nigeria’s chef de mission in India, Elias Gora, upon his arrival in Delhi he came to the conclusion that Osayomi could not have deliberately taken any substance to enhance her performance.
“Damola is one of our most consistent and dedicated athletes right from her days as a youth athlete. What she has taken is not an anabolic steroid, if it were, then there might have been the possibility that she was doping but as you know, what she has taken is a stimulant, which she did not take deliberately. It was administer to her as part of medication for some health challenge.
“Naturally, she is devastated by what is happening but we are standing by her. We are giving her all the support she needs and we are calling on Nigerians to be by her at a time like this. She has served Nigeria well and should not be abandoned,” Ekeji said.

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